sooooooooo, guys, i took a photoshop workshop last weekend and it. blew. my. mind. i was so scared before i went because i am constantly wracked with self doubt and thought i would be the one who couldn't follow along and wouldn't know what she was doing but, surprise! i actually got the hang of it and learned a sh*t ton of cool techniques that i have already used at work.

the two tools that literally made my jaw drop were liquify and the clone stamp. good lord! say goodbye to ever comparing myself to anyone i see on the cover of a magazine again! i mean, i know i shouldn't be doing that anyway, i'm the one who gives the "you shouldn't compare yourself to others" speech whenever i hear someone singing that tune, but hey, we're all susceptible from time to time. anyway, the second i started playing around with this i thought, "oh my god, i just learned how to do this two seconds ago and i'm making changes to my face that look real. imagine what professionals who work for glamour and marie claire do to the models and actresses we see everyday!!"

honestly, i turned to my friend who attended the workshop with me and told her that this should be a class that's taught in middle school. take the power back! don't let someone tell you how you should look. don't let someone fool you into thinking that something that is NOT REAL is real. i don't want to get all political here but man, this would have really changed my life had i known about it when i was a teenager. sure, you see the memes of 'before and after photoshop' comparisons like this floating around online but when you're the one doing the manipulating it really offers a whole new perspective.

i just have to say thanks to my boss for sending me and thanks to the super talented women who taught me all of this. it sounds trite but my life has changed just a little bit and, in this respect, that is pretty god damn big.

photos: angela kohler