my little client

sometimes i lose myself in the technical aspects of my job; the schedules, the deadlines, the mishaps, the nicks, the scratches, the tense conversations, the wrong size delivered, you name it...

then something like this happens, i reconnect with an old client for just a minute and they remind me that sometimes what i do really means something.

two of my all time faves, alex and jackie, recently sent me a photo of the little lovely that we planned this room for. i met them a couple of months into their pregnancy and finished their little one's room before she arrived. we all were pleased with the outcome, yes, but the real reward is right here, in seeing mila grow and become her own person and start to experience the things that we planned for her.

at the risk of sounding trite, i am honored to have created this space for her. honored that her parents trusted me. thank you, alex and jackie. all my love to you and mila. xo

photo: alex p.