i am in love...with this deodorant.

i'm sure you're asking yourself, "but why?" because, friends, it works better and smells better and feels better than the hundred other brands i have used in my search for the perfect product over the last couple of years.

i used to use teen spirit, and i loved it, but then all of a sudden i wasn't a teen anymore and then it mysteriously disappeared from the shelves. what?! jeez. so i was left in the hot seat, with no protection from the heat.

then while visiting my best bud (haver of all things amazing and cool and interesting and fabulous) last year she introduced me to this little miracle in a tube. she was going to give me hers but it was over 3 ounces so i couldn't bring it in my carry on and then i forgot it even existed until i saw her again a couple weekends ago and was reminded and our (my and the deodorant's) love affair.

now we are together forever and i couldn't be happier. and yes, it's THAT big a deal.