i spy d.i.y.

my friend, wendy, has been asking me for months to help her pull her first place together. she's done a really great job so far on her own but when i came across this inspiration image on pinterest and shared it with her we both knew it was time for me to get my a$$ down to oceanside and take care of some business.

we started at 11 and finished at 4 and took care of all of THIS in that time:

-trip to Lowe's for supplies
    drop cloth
    screw driver (check the bottom of your cushions to verify
    which kind of screw)
    chair paint color*
    table paint color*
    staple gun
    Fabric (purchased the night before at joanne's)

-remove chair cushions
    usually dining chair cushions will be screwed on to corner
    blocks from the underside of the frame. just flip the chair over
    and remove all screws. before you do, though, make yourself
    a template so you can easily tell which cushion goes with
    which chair and number both the cushion and the frame. it'll
    be easier to find the original screw holes when you put the
    cushions back on. less work, the screws will go right in.


-spray a couple layers of stripper on the chairs and table then
wipe with a damp cloth.

-when all wood is dry begin spraying your first coat of paint.
don't worry about full coverage, you'll need about 3 coats
overall. keep the nozzle at least 6" from the surface of the
wood and keep your hand moving steadily side to side to
avoid drips.

-while the chairs and table are drying begin covering your cushions.
    cut a square piece of fabric a couple inches bigger than
    your cushion on all sides.
    wrap and staple one side at a time, make sure to keep the
    fabric taught but not too tight.
    leave the corners for last and try to keep them simple
    and clean.

-when cushions are done and chairs are dry screw all
the cushions back on and you're done!

*we were lucky enough to find the colors we wanted in spray paint. if you don't, just buy a quart of the color you like and brush on the paint instead of spraying. it's more work but it works just the same.

photos: j. kurtz