i am the best girlfriend ever

my bf is working out of a new office in hollywood that has just about the coolest views you can imagine from the roof but the interior is basically a blank canvas so he's enlisted my services.

reason #1 why i am awesome: i spent the latter half of my half day friday walking the space and sketching plans.

reason #2 why i am awesome: i stayed up until 1am my first week night back from a bachelorette party in vegas to work on sourcing.

reason #3 why i am awesome: i managed to fill a bathroom, upper and lower level workspaces and a conference room full of pretty rad selections for less than what one sofa at my day job would cost.

he deserves it though, no, in fact, he couldn't deserve it more :)

isn't this vision fun?! i'm really hoping he and his partners pull the trigger on the whole shebang and we can get this installed as quickly as it was conceived.