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please welcome joanna, from arcadian lighting, a great online source for fun and affordable light fixtures, who is here to share a couple inspiring ideas for modern and fresh bedrooms. love the idea of using peacock for a wall color, i may consider changing my own boudoir soon...enjoy!

Hello! I’m Joanna, I love all things design and spend my time searching the internet for beautiful interior design ideas and images. Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite blue and white spaces.
Blue and White Bedroom A lovely example of what blue and white can do for a bedroom. The small stripes on the wallpaper are mimicked in the rug while an ethnic pattern plays out on the windows.
Blue and White Bedroom This vibrant bedroom is a nice mix of patterns and textures. The fabric covering the mattress is such as sweet lady and floral print.
Blue and White Bedroom Blues from navy to turquoise adorn this glamorous bedroom. The light fixtures add an especially dressy touch to the space. The pillows bring in texture.
Blue and White Bedroom A casually styled bedroom gets its blue and white from bed linens and a curvy headboard. I like the random block printing on the comforter and pillows.
Blue and White Bedroom A light green blue stripe makes its way from wall to ceiling in this pretty bedroom. The tufted chaise and red chandelier add a little levity to the room.
Blue and White Bedroom A pigeon hole door and intricate tile work gives this blue and white bedroom a Moroccan feel. The crisp white bed linens look particularly inviting.
Blue and White Bedroom By far my favorite room of all of those pictured here, this elegant and glamorous bedroom features velvet, crisp white cotton and silk. The blue is a rich peacock.
Blue and White Bedroom A little girl’s room gets its own version of blue and white with a touch of green. The rug and lamps add a hint of light blue to the space.
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Tell us about what you think of these rooms! And make sure you stop by Arcadian Lighting to look for your lighting needs!