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i am a sucker for text in art. i mean, not the "follow your heart" typed out and printed on pretty paper b.s that's all over etsy and pinterest these days, the kind that kind of punches you in the face and makes you think about why someone captured those letters in those combinations on that particular canvas or print.

of course, i drool over the later work of ruscha, so it is only natural that i have fallen in lust with this photographer who's work harkens back to his. jung lee is an artist who lives in seoul, korea and creates these text-based light installations in her native land. her work is currently being shown at one and j. gallery there.



here i go again with my love of all things dark and neon. i just came across this artist and fell deeply in love with his use of color and not. acrylic, graphite, pastel and spray paint on canvas?! jesus, could it get any more intense? 

i want this, i want all of this, in my house now.


uncle dan

in remembrance of my uncle, who had to leave the party way too soon, i am thankful today for all that i have, all who i love and the opportunity to experience day after day of the wonderful things life has to offer.

you were a good one, uncle dan, everyone loved you and everyone misses you. xo

daniel j. kurtz 8.13.51- 6.11.11


la architecture, schmel-a architecture?

i listened to this pod cast this morning that changed my perspective about la architecture in a snap. moby, of all people, was talking about the wonderment he has experienced since moving to los angeles and it kind of inspired me.

i used to think that la was just this dirty landscape of ugly apartment buildings, uninspired strip malls and homes devoid of any character whatsoever; but the longer i'm here the more i see. i've met some really creative people who have allowed me to see la through their eyes, i've had the privilidge of working on some of the first houses that were built here and just experiencing the city on a daily basis has left me with a different impression.

i guess i didn't realize it until this morning but we do have a pretty spectacular collection of buildings. we may not have rows of brownstones or ancient cathedrals but what we do have is an amalgamation of cultures and styles and histories and characters. if america is a melting pot for the races, could los angeles be the same for architecture?