mellow yellow

my mom is in real estate and when she came across this condo she fell in love at first sight. it was so great that she just had to have it. she bought it with a plan in mind to rent it out to those who seek refuge in the desert's searing heat and scattered swimming pools. as soon as i laid eyes on it i fell in love too.

the place is straight outta 1973 and everything that screams kitsch was included in the purchase price. dream. come. true. another dream, for me, is working with someone like my mom. she trusts my design capabilities and gave me full authority to do with this place what i chose. 

i definitely wanted to keep the wall paper, most of the furniture and the overall feeling, it's relaxed and happy, but i also didn't want a guest to feel like they were intruding on gramma when they stay here. we replaced a couple key pieces and added some fresh new bedding, a coat of paint and a couple accessories to bring it in to the future. 

more pics to come but if you feel the need to escape to palm springs for the weekend like the stars of yesteryears, book now, this is the place.

photos: j. kurtz