'round and 'round

living room- before 

i've said it before, someone should make a REAL show about interior designers. the neurotic road that leads to every, even minute, decision is far more entertaining than celebrity clients. i laugh at myself often. like today. i decided i didn't like the lamps in the living room anymore so something had to be done.

living room lamps---> out. guest room lamps---> living room. trip to store 1. one base option, three shade options---> guest room. no. trip to store 2. new rug. living room lamps---> guest room.

so in the end i ended up just swapping the pairs from each room. but...that wouldn't have worked had i not made two trips to the store and finally decided to buy that rug i've had my eye on for two years.

...i still like those black shades and glass bases, uh-oh...

photos: j. kurtz