you think it's too far but it's not. go. i enjoyed every minute of my time here and the 274 hour plane ride is totally worth it. it was really kind of incredible to be that far away from home.

if you are a regular reader you know that i went to thailand in october. that was fabulous as well but the biggest difference between the two trips was exploration. in thailand we had the luxury of being bused from place to place and have every day planned for us, that allowed us a well informed tour of the cities and places we saw and it was unforgettable. this time my boyfriend and i researched before we left but basically walked out of our hotel room every morning not knowing where we'd end up or what we'd see. we discovered everything on our own. it was amazing.

i am forever grateful for these experiences and i wish everyone the chance to take their own journeys, no matter how near or far.

photos: j. kurtz