an effin' RED piano?!

yes, a red piano. c/o celia tejada, the senior vice president of product and design at williams sonoma inc. of course. i'm dying.


saint valentine

who knows where he's from or what his history is but there's no need to make this day about just one person. whether you have a main squeeze in your life or not, tell someone you love them, it'll make their day.

and tell them tomorrow too :)

love you! xo



you guys know me, i love color, and my obsession with neon has still not come to an end. so i am a little bit in love with these pieces, and all the rest, by artist michelle armas. thanks so much, adore, for introducing her to me!

now, a special message to my valentine...if you're looking for the perfect gift to buy me because you love me so much, the third piece here would make me quite happy :)