te quierro, puebla

leaving puebla today. it feels like i've been here for three weeks when it's only been five days but that's a good thing. 

there is so much to see and explore. seriously, every corner i turn i see some f*cking incredible carved door or ornate metal or tile work that's been there for 400 years. the streets are made of stone and lava rock that spewed from the neighboring volcano and the building facades are an endless tapestry of pattern and color. it couldn't be easier to get around and the historical landmarks couldn't be more accessible or devoid of tourists. the people are nice and unassuming; they don't care that you're there, you're just another person. the food is fab and the drinks are cheap.

in short, i highly recommend this place. i'll be coming back as soon as i get the chance. in the mean time, i'll continue pouring over the photographs i've taken and strive to somehow incorporate the architectural and interior details that are supremely fantastico into my work.

photos: j. kurtz