my first blog

i was searching for some old images on my other blog this morning and it brought back so many happy memories. if you haven't seen it, check it out. it's an online diary of every step my boyfriend, my family, my friends and i took in making my first house a home.

when we first began work robert insisted that i start a "blog" and i was like, "what the hell is that? i don't know how to do anything on the computer." but i figured it out and i think it turned out pretty well. now i wouldn't trade anything in the world for this little slice of my life documented in the infinite world known as the web.


mucho color

oh puebla, you're like an old, melted box of crayons. beautiful.

photos: j. kurtz


te quierro, puebla

leaving puebla today. it feels like i've been here for three weeks when it's only been five days but that's a good thing. 

there is so much to see and explore. seriously, every corner i turn i see some f*cking incredible carved door or ornate metal or tile work that's been there for 400 years. the streets are made of stone and lava rock that spewed from the neighboring volcano and the building facades are an endless tapestry of pattern and color. it couldn't be easier to get around and the historical landmarks couldn't be more accessible or devoid of tourists. the people are nice and unassuming; they don't care that you're there, you're just another person. the food is fab and the drinks are cheap.

in short, i highly recommend this place. i'll be coming back as soon as i get the chance. in the mean time, i'll continue pouring over the photographs i've taken and strive to somehow incorporate the architectural and interior details that are supremely fantastico into my work.

photos: j. kurtz


reading in jail

forgive me, i searched for the name of this place for approximately 17 minutes to no avail and that was about all the patience i had for it so...

it was built as a prison in the 17th century but now serves as a public library in the middle of puebla, mexico. i don't know much else about it but that kind of adds to the intrigue. did prisoners used to sleep where stacks of books are now housed? did guards shoot bullets from the towers you walk under on your way to lunch? what was that big courtyard for? i don't know but it certainly is impressive.

photos: j. kurtz


telavara tile

you know that bright colored tile you see at pretty much every mexican restaurant ever built? i got to see one of the places where it's made today!

i gotta be honest, it's not really my cup of tea but seeing the whole process come to life was pretty incredible. PLUS, we previewed a new collection that's black and white and awesome. understated and sophisticated, it was hard to walk out of there without an entire set of dinnerware.

the detail and craftsmanship that goes into this stuff is just amazing. the guy in the blue shirt, been working there for 25 years, since he was 13 years old. he was whippin' those plates out like there was no tomorrow, and each one was perfect. there's something to be said for handmade.

photos: j. kurtz


puebla, dia uno

hey guys, guess what? you don't have to treck all the way to europe to get a taste of history and glorious architecture! it's all right here, just south of the border; only a couple hours plane ride. barely any tourists and some really fantastic locals.

i'm here for work but i would come back for pleasure in a jiffy, or, yiffy :)

photos: j. kurtz



this is not something i'd usually gravitate towards but in my search for kitchen imagery today this stopped me for a minute. i think because it's sweet in an unexpected way. who expects a kitchen to be sweet?

anyway, i've heard of bonesteel trout hall before but never checked out their website. AWESOME portfolio. i love, love, love to pieces their use of color and pattern. love.

nothing like some solid inspiration for the new year.