so weird how things happen sometimes!! i was driving home two nights ago, listening to a story on npr about spotify, and they were using, like, the first 15 seconds of this song that i really liked and i tried to shazaam it but i was too late. then last night i was bored so i thought i'd peruse my friend's blog roll and there, on the first post of the first blog i clicked on, was the song, along with the album it's on and who sings it and several other songs by the same artist. and i loved them and i was so happy that that happened.

isn't that nutso?

thanks, brixton, for picking up where npr left off.

ps. isn't it funny that shazaam is a verb and spotify and blog rolls are things? if my gramma read this she'd be like, "what?"

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my brother recently celebrated his birthday and although i got to leave him a voicemail and text him that night i was a little sad that i couldn't be with him to take him to dinner or buy him a drink. he lives in illinois and i live in california and i miss him. we're close and we talk often but sometimes i wish i could just go over to his house and hang out.

he's ten years older than me and he's always been a great big brother. not overprotective and not competitive, but supportive and present. when i think about it, there's no one i know who is more even tempered or accepting or patient. he is good natured and happy and enjoyable and funny and smart and handsome. i've always been jealous of how good looking he is.

he's a good dad too, a really good dad. he has two kids and somehow they're almost teenagers now, i don't know where that time went. they've got his/ our same dry, sarcastic sense of humor. i have more fun with them than some adults i know. when we're all together we just laugh and laugh until we cry. we can make anything funny.

i found this picture the other day and it reminded me of how i used to feel when i would look at it as a little girl, that's my brother and he loves me so much and i admire him so. when people who don't have siblings tell me they wish they did i just think of how lucky i am that i do.

happy birthday again to you, dennis. i love you more than there are clouds in the sky.