visual journal: seoul, south korea

several weeks prior to my departure to thailand i found out that we would be "enjoying" an 11 hour layover after our 14 hour flight from los angeles to seoul. i was not excited. however, a few days before we left our travel planners let us know that they had arranged for our group to be picked up from the airport, taken to a hotel to freshen up and then carry on to a tour of downtown. what a pleasant surprise!

the air was crisp, the city was beautiful and the people were delightful. we shared the day and the sights with several school groups of kids who were so effortlessly stylish that it made me self conscious. i felt like a ragamuffin next to all the cool shoes, smart layering and chic accessories. i could definitely learn a lesson or two if i ever have time to go back...which i would LOVE to do.

photos: j. kurtz