monster mash

i must insist that next year my boyfriend dress up as "disco frankenstein".

happy halloween!


visual journal: thailand people

what can i say about the people of thailand in a brief couple of sentences? they're wonderful. relaxed, happy, genuine and real. the whole time we were visiting this country i didn't come across ONE PERSON who looked rushed or stressed or angry or bothered. i don't know what it was but in looking back i felt comforted by their presence. i didn't know their language, they didn't know mine but it worked.

like i told my mom when she asked what my favorite part of the whole trip was, the smiling faces and friendly nods yes in response to my holding up my camera in a gesture for permission to capture their lovely nature.

thank you, thailand, you've given me memories for a lifetime.

photos: j. kurtz


visual journal: thailand jungles

the city was one thing but the jungle was another. you can find taxis and malls and 7-elevens anywhere but you don't find what the thailand jungles have to offer. houses built with their back steps descending into water, fresh fruit handed to you from the side of a boat and elephants that breathe into your ear with their trunks.

photos: j. kurtz


visual journal: thailand cities

did you know that thailand has a color assigned to each day of the week? depending on what day you're born, that is your color. the king's is yellow. ask me how dazzled i was by that fact. remember this?

anyway, our tour guide told us that we were seeing a lot of pink taxis instead of yellow because there is a political activist group that wears yellow shirts and the thai people do not want any negative connotations associated with the king so his new color is pink.

or something like that.

photos: j. kurtz


visual journal: seoul, south korea

several weeks prior to my departure to thailand i found out that we would be "enjoying" an 11 hour layover after our 14 hour flight from los angeles to seoul. i was not excited. however, a few days before we left our travel planners let us know that they had arranged for our group to be picked up from the airport, taken to a hotel to freshen up and then carry on to a tour of downtown. what a pleasant surprise!

the air was crisp, the city was beautiful and the people were delightful. we shared the day and the sights with several school groups of kids who were so effortlessly stylish that it made me self conscious. i felt like a ragamuffin next to all the cool shoes, smart layering and chic accessories. i could definitely learn a lesson or two if i ever have time to go back...which i would LOVE to do.

photos: j. kurtz