when i grow up

good god, the guitar strumming! close your eyes, put your ear phones in or turn the volume up way higher than it should be and just listen to that. and then ponder the line, "i put my soul in what i do".

it's not often that i enjoy a cover more than the original but this one, this one i do.

-when i grow up, first aid kit


a change is gonna come

the older i get, the more aware of the rest of the world i am. the more i realize that things didn't start when i started. i realized, specifically, the other day that the civil rights movement took place fewer years before i was born than there have been since i was. crazy.

and this song is incredible. and so are all the rest by sam cooke.


the real deal

i have had the pleasure of working alongside one of the most talented young women i have met...ever, over the last couple of years. her name is jessica comingore and i'm willing to bet that it will be a household one by the end of this decade. she's smart, she's stylish and she's got the keenest eye for design this side of the god damn siene.

every time i turn around she's pulled a new trick out of her hat. she's brilliant and she's understated and she's gonna surprise us all. i'm just glad i was there to see that little seed planted. i'm honored, in fact, to have seen it grow just the wee-ist bit.

today she ends her journey with us, at chris barrett design, and begins anew on her own. i'm proud and i'm excited and i'm infused with her emanating passion for all things beautiful, refined and aesthetic. 'good luck to you' are not the right words, 'show me more' is more like it.

i can't wait to see what you accomplish, friend.

photo: jennifer young via here


brigitte bardot in spain

is anyone else as obsessed with this photo as i am?

i saw it printed on a t-shirt on a girl who works at a cafe by my office, she's probably 20. i told her i loved it and that she was one of my favorites. someone else asked who she was and the girl answered, "kate moss." wow.

i just had to thank her for my toast and get out of there.


boardwalk bike ride

guess what i did this weekend, i went on a 13 mile bike ride. yep, i exercised.

if you ever feel inclined to do the same then i definitely recommend the bike path along the ocean from dockweiler state beach to redondo. then chomp on some fresh steamed crab legs when you get there.

photos: j. kurtz