globe elevator

while in wisconsin last week my family spent some time driving around, reminiscing and exploring. one of my favorite spots has always been this old grain elevator so we stopped to take some photos from afar.

to my delight, dave, who works at the new operation here pulled up next to our car and jokingly asked, "well i suppose you want a tour?" "YES!" i screamed back to him and off we all went, through the chain link fence, to find out all about the history of the globe elevator.

turns out, the millions of linear feet of white pine that were used to build the original structure, finished in 1887, are now being reclaimed as flooring and ceiling timbers. can you believe that?! i had to stop dave mid-sentence and explain to him that he happened upon just the right group. me, an interior designer, and my dad, a contractor. it was just too perfect for words.

photos: j.kurtz