some of the best home advice i ever got was from my friend alicia, "wait and accumulate" she said as i was pulling my hair out trying to furnish and accessorize every square inch of my house upon taking inhabitance. i wanted everything to be done right away but she was right, it takes time to find the right pieces.

case in point, our guest/ master bedroom. it sat as you see it in the first photo for the past year and half. then a couple months ago i bought some nightstands which i thought would be used for something else. then i decided they'd be perfect for the bedroom. then it took me a couple weeks to figure out what color i wanted to paint them. then came the headboard. you've seen all the before and afters, you know the story.

the point is, once i got those nightstands and the headboard in everything else came together quite nicely. a friend suggested i switch the lamps for the pair in the living room, i pulled some artwork from the man shack outside and bam! all of a sudden it came together, and now it feels wonderful. i love that room. i can't stop staring at it. hope you like it too.

photos: j. kurtz (sorry about the quality)