dreams of the city of light

given my aversion to reading and following directions it's highly unlikely that i would re-post a link to any other contest but this one. BUT i woke up this morning, poured a cup of coffee and sat down to scroll through twitter and discovered this. i just can't even wrap my brain around how insanely amazing winning something like this would be.

i just went to the garage to dig through the photos i took while in paris for the first time with my mom, cousin and auntie and in flipping through, images of having the chance to experience this city all over again began flying through my brain! photography then was just a flicker on my creative radar, now it's a beaming light. to go back and see the city through a different lens, so to speak, would be a dream.

thank you, jordan, not only for this opportunity but for sparking a little something inside me that now wants to make bigger things happen.

photo: j. kurtz