rocks my socks!

my boyfriend and i took an explorative bike ride yesterday afternoon and discovered this awesome public park 2 miles from our house! apparently i've been driving right by this little outdoor activity paradise for almost two years. who knew?

the landscaping is beautiful and serene, there is a bocce ball plot, a horseshoe plot, a soccer filed, a playground, basketball courts and an amphitheater! annnnd, wait for it...they play movies and feature live bands in the summer and serve free ice cream!

'back to the future' is playing july 22nd. i'll be the one camped out on the dodgers blanket right up front. see you there.

photos: j. kurtz


globe elevator

while in wisconsin last week my family spent some time driving around, reminiscing and exploring. one of my favorite spots has always been this old grain elevator so we stopped to take some photos from afar.

to my delight, dave, who works at the new operation here pulled up next to our car and jokingly asked, "well i suppose you want a tour?" "YES!" i screamed back to him and off we all went, through the chain link fence, to find out all about the history of the globe elevator.

turns out, the millions of linear feet of white pine that were used to build the original structure, finished in 1887, are now being reclaimed as flooring and ceiling timbers. can you believe that?! i had to stop dave mid-sentence and explain to him that he happened upon just the right group. me, an interior designer, and my dad, a contractor. it was just too perfect for words.

photos: j.kurtz


passing though

last week was tough. one of my closest uncles passed away after a long and strenuous battle with the after effects of treatment for cancer. he did his best but it got the best of him and we're all left holding on to the place he held in our hearts.

daniel j. kurtz was a good man. he was honest and real and true. we were lucky to know him and to carry with us fond memories of time spent with him while he was here. rest in peace uncle, you will be missed.

photo: j. kurtz


dreams of the city of light

given my aversion to reading and following directions it's highly unlikely that i would re-post a link to any other contest but this one. BUT i woke up this morning, poured a cup of coffee and sat down to scroll through twitter and discovered this. i just can't even wrap my brain around how insanely amazing winning something like this would be.

i just went to the garage to dig through the photos i took while in paris for the first time with my mom, cousin and auntie and in flipping through, images of having the chance to experience this city all over again began flying through my brain! photography then was just a flicker on my creative radar, now it's a beaming light. to go back and see the city through a different lens, so to speak, would be a dream.

thank you, jordan, not only for this opportunity but for sparking a little something inside me that now wants to make bigger things happen.

photo: j. kurtz


i bought these green flowers downtown at the flower district last saturday and by some miracle they still looked great yesterday morning so i decided to freshen them up by adding some hydrangeas from my own garden.

i'm telling you, there's nothing like having fresh flowers in the house to melt the stress away. for me at least. anything works, even dandelions from the cracks in the sidewalk. make an arrangement of your own, and then send me some pics.

oh, and be sure to check out some of my work over at ohdeedoh :)

photos: j. kurtz


haute couture

paris anyone? dior anyone? versace anyone? good god.

get a load of these exquisite photographs from the "some enchanted evening" spread in the may issue of tatler. never heard of it? neither had i. but i just discovered my new favorite person was on the february cover. looks like someone is getting a new subscription to yet another magazine.



some of the best home advice i ever got was from my friend alicia, "wait and accumulate" she said as i was pulling my hair out trying to furnish and accessorize every square inch of my house upon taking inhabitance. i wanted everything to be done right away but she was right, it takes time to find the right pieces.

case in point, our guest/ master bedroom. it sat as you see it in the first photo for the past year and half. then a couple months ago i bought some nightstands which i thought would be used for something else. then i decided they'd be perfect for the bedroom. then it took me a couple weeks to figure out what color i wanted to paint them. then came the headboard. you've seen all the before and afters, you know the story.

the point is, once i got those nightstands and the headboard in everything else came together quite nicely. a friend suggested i switch the lamps for the pair in the living room, i pulled some artwork from the man shack outside and bam! all of a sudden it came together, and now it feels wonderful. i love that room. i can't stop staring at it. hope you like it too.

photos: j. kurtz (sorry about the quality)