like the first time, every time

i've been to new york three times now and each time has been a completely different experience. the first was in the summer and, of course, was overwhelming and amazing and flew by in an instant. the second, in the fall, came at the tail end of a tour of a couple other east coast cities so i was a bit tired but loved the cold. this last time, spring, was different.

i was there for work, to install a project i've been working on, so i was pretty much consumed by that but i still got to experience the city. there were a lot of cab rides back and forth, to and from, that gave me the opportunity to just gaze out the window and enjoy the breeze and stunning scenery. meals outside on the patio and walks through the streets introduced me to the people and the weather, sunny and warm, highlighted each and every detail around me.

there really are no words to describe the place. it's just so...new york. each time is as exciting as the first.

photos: j. kurtz