indigo infatuation

i. finally. got. my. sofa.

i can't even believe it. it's here and i love it and it's more glorious than i could have ever imagined. i have never felt more like an adult. i just laid down a full paycheck for this baby but i don't regret it for one second. in fact, i highly recommend it :)

i know it kind of just looks like a big, dark blob in the photos but that's because it's the most beautiful shade of dark blue velvet i've ever laid my eyes on. it refuses to be photographed, it insists on being experienced, and i invite you to come on over to try it out any time you're free.

peace out to my old hunk of junk. you served me well but it's time for you to retire. off to the man shack where you will fit right in.

photos: j.kurtz