beautious maximus

whewww! look at these GORGEOUS blankets from heidi merrick. i want one so bad.

damn you, house beautiful, for showing me things i want that are no longer available when i click the link in an act of pretending that i am actually going to purchase the item in the first place.

the pillows aren't half bad either, i'm totally digging the plum and pink stripe. 


indigo infatuation

i. finally. got. my. sofa.

i can't even believe it. it's here and i love it and it's more glorious than i could have ever imagined. i have never felt more like an adult. i just laid down a full paycheck for this baby but i don't regret it for one second. in fact, i highly recommend it :)

i know it kind of just looks like a big, dark blob in the photos but that's because it's the most beautiful shade of dark blue velvet i've ever laid my eyes on. it refuses to be photographed, it insists on being experienced, and i invite you to come on over to try it out any time you're free.

peace out to my old hunk of junk. you served me well but it's time for you to retire. off to the man shack where you will fit right in.

photos: j.kurtz


color wheel-update

remember this? i decided to go with 'love's first kiss', courtesy of disney home.

two coats of paint and three coats of polyurethane later and i've got these little beauties as my new nightstands. and a giant filppin' headache to boot. i'll post some more pics tomorrow when my brain isn't pounding out of my skull. 

the can said odor free but i think something got to me.


DIY headboard



i finally decided to do something about the headboard situation in my bedroom. because we have the window right above the bed it's been tough trying to find the perfect piece so i took matters into my own hands and made one. super simple.

1. cut plywood to size 
2. cut a 45 degree angle at both top corners
3. cut foam to just a 1/4" bigger around all three sides of plywood
4. lay fabric pattern side down followed by foam and then plywood
5. wrap the fabric around the edges and staple taught

it may not look like much in the photos but it really polishes off the bed and makes it feel a million times less like a dorm room. there's a bit of pattern that peeks out around the sides and the pillows stand up better.

ps. i used a curtain panel from world market as the fabric.


born this way

in honor of lady gaga's new album, haha, just kidding, i got 'cha.

but speaking of being "born this way" let me introduce you to one of my new favorite discoveries. this blog is most often light hearted and full of amusing stories that are equal parts interesting, thought provoking and fun.

for anyone who argues being anything other than straight is a choice take a gander and then take that chip off your shoulder. we is who we is and we should all love one another. hope you have a gay friday!

photo via born this way


stark to styled

in less than a week.

i recently had the pleasure of working with one of my oldest and dearest friends on a house she just sold in manhattan beach. the place needed to be furnished asap for a photo shoot so we worked our asses off getting it painted, switching out carpeting and selecting all furniture and lighting. it was quick but i must say, it turned out pretty well.

what a dream it was to point at something on the floor, buy it and have it installed the next day. quick, quick, quick it was done in a snap. obviously, there wasn't much time for polishing but i think it's safe to say that we came and we conquered. better shots to come...

photos: j. kurtz



a number of online design mags have popped up in recent years and although i enjoy flipping, or clicking, through the pages i often feel a disconnect. maybe it's because the approach is too saccharine?

in any case, i was relieved and refreshed to open up the premier issue of the collaboration between my good friend, jessica comingore, and her publishing partner, krista schrock. collected is just that, the very definition of the word, "not perturbed or distracted." each image is eternally interesting and each interview is a pleasure to read. i would have stayed for 90 more pages but alas, i'll have to wait until the next issue.

job well done, ladies.

photo via collected


nyc-the bricks

while at dinner one night a waitress caught me snapping a photo of the cracked marble floor below our feet and she responded with, "ugh, isn't it awful? they won't let us take it out." i wondered if she had ever seen pergo.

thank god for the people who make it their business to protect the art of the past.

photos: j. kurtz


nyc-the streets

that god damn guy in the purple sweater was just too much for words. he was out of this world. he came walking down the street and people just got out of his way, just parted to make room for his style. highlight of my trip, pretty much.

photos: j. kurtz

like the first time, every time

i've been to new york three times now and each time has been a completely different experience. the first was in the summer and, of course, was overwhelming and amazing and flew by in an instant. the second, in the fall, came at the tail end of a tour of a couple other east coast cities so i was a bit tired but loved the cold. this last time, spring, was different.

i was there for work, to install a project i've been working on, so i was pretty much consumed by that but i still got to experience the city. there were a lot of cab rides back and forth, to and from, that gave me the opportunity to just gaze out the window and enjoy the breeze and stunning scenery. meals outside on the patio and walks through the streets introduced me to the people and the weather, sunny and warm, highlighted each and every detail around me.

there really are no words to describe the place. it's just so...new york. each time is as exciting as the first.

photos: j. kurtz


fields of flowers

on the corner of jefferson and culver. enjoy your monday and remember that friday is just around the corner too.

photos: j. kurtz


angelino heights

1 hour 45 minutes and 15 miles took me from the west side to the east side on tuesday. if i'd a' been blindfolded i would have thought i was in a different world.

photos: j. kurtz


think blue

dodger blue.

it's the third oldest stadium in the u.s. and it's beautiful. from the moment you enter the parking lot you can feel the magic here. there's a history and the memory of that gets passed down from generation to generation. fans might get a little crazy sometimes but when people say they "bleed blue" they ain't lyin'.

photos: j.kurtz


baby legwarmers

did you have any clue these things existed? neither did i. until this past weekend when i walked in to my friend's house and saw her little one sporting them. i think they're so hilarious that i can't even see straight. at first i thought they were just a fashion fad but it turns out they really have a purpose, or two, or three.

i think i know what my next baby shower gift(s) are going to be...homemade, of course.

photo: j. kurtz


purple mountains majesty

always one of my favorite verses and always one of my favorite views.

photo: j. kurtz