the hutton house

this beauty is right down the street from my parent's house in the desert. i've had my eye on it since i can remember and a couple of months ago i got to tour the inside. it was for sale at the time and i begged and begged my mom to buy it but alas, she declined.

it's an adobe that was built in 1922 by the cavanaugh brothers who planted a date grove on the surrounding property. the walls are built from thick adobe bricks and the inside still contains all the original flooring and windows.the architectural details are amazing. luckily, it's been deemed a historical property and although a lackluster gated community has been built up around it this place isn't going anywhere.

if you find yourself on cook street and hwy 111 in indian wells i suggest you drive by. maybe poke around to get a view into one of the windows like i did. it's a stunning example of a house that was built with thought in mind.