art in the streets

 spray paint, old to new

lee quinones

 mode 2, detail
 henry chalfant
 my toes
margaret kilgallen
i went to the opening day of "art in the streets" at the geffen this weekend and i must say, it was pretty cool. i was apprehensive about going, probably a little bit of snobbery on my part. i thought it would be a museum full of d-bags and posers but it turns out there weren't too many, just some really interesting artwork.

the banksy piece above gave me the chills, the detail in the "street" display was beyond explanation and i could have stared at hugh holland's photos for hours. the bum from the "neckface" walk through even offered me some of his popov. i'm still regretting not taking him up on the offer.

photos: j. kurtz