it's something i'm surrounded by on a daily basis as an interior designer but i sometimes forget its significance. attending a lecture by allan greenberg on wednesday reminded me. 
it was just amazing to sit and listen to someone so talented and informed speak about the thought that goes into truly moving spaces. architecture is art and just like something you'd see displayed on a wall, it becomes even more engaging once you know the story behind its creation. one specific example that was referenced, the barcelona pavilion by meis van der rohe. the consideration that was taken for every detail creates this magical space that you end up feeling rather than seeing, even though you're just looking at a photograph. i can't even imagine what it would be like to actually visit the site.

so, the question i am left with is this, why don't we have more of this? why do we tear down beautiful buildings from yesteryears just to pour slabs of concrete over them and erect endless miles of strip malls? why do the details seem to be overlooked and stories not told anymore? where is the story behind a track home of which hundreds of clones exist in every neighborhood?