poppy & gray will be devoid of new posts for a while. reasons being the following,

1. my brother, neice and nephew are in town and there is no way i can keep my eyes glued to a computer screen while their precious faces are around. plus, i have friday off.

2. wednesday is my birthday and i can hardly be bothered by thinking of anything other than myself for those 24 hours. kidding, i'm having dinner with my lover and my lovely pals which leaves me with zero time to try to find something cool/interesting to write about.

3. i've been less than inspired as of late, actually, a little overwhelmed to be honest. i'm having a hard time figuring out what exactly i want to say here. so, i hope to come to terms with who i am as "blogger" and have something new for you real soon.

until then, seriously, go paint your front door the color of this flower. you'll be glad you did.

photo: j. kurtz