poppy & gray will be devoid of new posts for a while. reasons being the following,

1. my brother, neice and nephew are in town and there is no way i can keep my eyes glued to a computer screen while their precious faces are around. plus, i have friday off.

2. wednesday is my birthday and i can hardly be bothered by thinking of anything other than myself for those 24 hours. kidding, i'm having dinner with my lover and my lovely pals which leaves me with zero time to try to find something cool/interesting to write about.

3. i've been less than inspired as of late, actually, a little overwhelmed to be honest. i'm having a hard time figuring out what exactly i want to say here. so, i hope to come to terms with who i am as "blogger" and have something new for you real soon.

until then, seriously, go paint your front door the color of this flower. you'll be glad you did.

photo: j. kurtz


everybody loves donuts

to my utmost delight, i learned this weekend that my niece has inherited my obsession with donuts. no joke, obsession. so my mom, ellie and i made a stop at the most recognizable donut local in los angeles while the boys took in a laker game.

i'm sure they had a fun time but i mean, come on, clearly we were on the winning team.

photos: j.kurtz


it's out there

just beyond the threshold of perceived capabilities.

photo: j. kurtz



i must say, i quite enjoyed myself at westweek yesterday. i discovered a secret entrance, got to see my my company's new textile line hung up in all its fabulous glory at the thomas lavin showroom, heard some great discussions about design in these modern times and, best of all, got some very exciting news from one of my friends/ brilliant designer about a big announcement coming soon...

followed all of that with a free movie at the fox lot and dinner with two of my sweets and it made for a pretty fantastic day. thanks l.a., i really like you sometimes.

photos: j. kurtz


pretty poppy

let's just go ahead and keep the flower theme going for this week, shall we?

i happened upon this photograph while searching for a background for my twitter page this weekend. decided to go with something a little more custom (read: logo heavy) but i still love this pic and didn't want you to miss out :)



that's what my brother used to call them when he was little. isn't that cute?

i had no idea tulips grew in fields like this. or did i? maybe i did but i've just never seen these images before. beyond breathtaking. yeah, i'd be willing to take a trip to the netherlands to see these.

do you think the easter bunny lives here?

photos: email forward


spring has sprung

it was so beautiful out on saturday that i decided to let the cats take a little spin around the yard on their leashes. while outside enjoying the sunshine i noticed that all of my little friends have started to bloom, the lemon blossoms, potato vine buds and the patriot salmon geraniums in my front yard. quite lovely.

and then sunday came and the sky opened up and unleashed buckets and buckets of water down on everything. oh well, you know what they say, april (or late march) showers bring may flowers :)

photos: j. kurtz


70's moderne

for whatever reason i've always had this weird grudge against him but recently i've relinquished myself to the fact that jonathan adler is actually pretty awesome. maybe it was because he took a super secret spot in the desert and made it a hip destination for outsiders.

anyway, i'm over it and i love this dining room and i LOVE this rug. i can't wait to find the perfect space to recommend it for. it kind of reminds me of a painting my parents had from the late 70's of this super sexy lady sitting in an over sized, flared back wicker chair with, get this, a giant fern in the corner.

oh 70's, i wish i could have lived in you.


easy peasy lemon squeezy

spring is here and with it comes new cuisine. want something easy and fresh to make? well here you go...

i went to a get-together with some of my favorite ladies yesterday evening and threw this corn salad/ salsa together in a snap,

2 bags frozen corn
1 can black beans
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup chopped red pepper
1 whole cubed avacado
1 handful minced cilantro
3 tablespoons cider vinegar
3 tablespoons olive oil
salt, pepper, cayenne pepper to taste

i'll be honest, i made these amounts up. really you just put enough in to make it look good. like i said, it's easy, you can't mess it up and it would probably be a nice finishing touch to add a squeeze of lemon.


ruins of detroit

i have always wanted to visit "motor city" but even more so after discovering this article. i have a slight obsession with abandoned buildings, especially those that look like the inhabitants just disappeared into thin air, so these images are just more than i can handle. 

photos: Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre


little deuce coupe

snapped these at the south gate car show this weekend. first one i've ever been to. never did i think i would enjoy it as much as i did. every single detail on every single one of these cars was absolutely stunning.

best part of the day, reading the dedication displayed in front of one these jewels from the owner to his grandfather. said they bought it together and started fixing it up with the intention of one day cruising the boulevard but his grandfather passed away before it was finished. i think he'd be proud.


willy wonka

"we are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams."

photo: fan.tcm.com


hot pink thonet

i can think of about 47 different applications for which this chair would be perfectly suited. around my dining table being one of them. 

also, i realize my posts have been heavy on neon this week so i'm going to take that as a sign that i need to make a little stop at home depot on my way home tonight and pick up a can of spray paint in this exact shade because i've got two nightstands, circa 1950's, primed and ready to be given a new lease on life sitting in my garage as we speak.

ok, you caught me, i don't think i've got balls that big either so i'll start with periwinkle.


just do it

paint your front door a fun color. and then add an umbrella to match, like my favorite house in manhattan beach did.

isn't this the cutest?

photo: j. kurtz


so funny i cried

not kidding. mascara was running down my face while watching this, and the rest of the first three episodes of portlandia. this is my new favorite show.


awesome giant photo collage

if there has ever been an image that has inspired me to do the exact same thing in my own space it is this.

i have been waiting and waiting to create one of my own awesome giant photo collages for years now but alas, my ceilings just aren't tall enough. actually, the ceiling height isn't the issue, it's more about the style of the architecture. ahhh, i'm making it sound like there are way more rules than there actually are. it's just not working for me. so...i am keeping this in my repertoire to use for the next client who has totally cool taste.

speaking of totally cool, palihouse, where this inspiration came from. why haven't i been here?


perfect tee

promoting victoria's secret is usually not part of my agenda but these t-shirts are pretty awesome. the fit is great, the fabric is soft and the neon colors are to die for. best part, they're 2 for $24.

my skin has not seen the sun since the fourth of july but the neon coral (as in florescent) makes my longing for the golden bronze days of my youth a thing of the past. i put this on and bam! the fabric does all the talking without my skin having to pay the price. happy :)



"and the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom."

-anais nin

fancy paint

it may be pricey but nothing beats, make that, no other company even comes close to rivaling farrow & ball in the color department. these selections are delicious and exquisite. each one is better than the next. elephant's breath, who named you?! middleton pink, you are so perfectly pretty that you are handsome again. tanner's brown, you're like the color version of how velvet feels.

check out the website, it couldn't be better. "colour" descriptions, vignettes, color schemes, finish chooser... it's all just too good.

don't even get me started on the wallpapers.


traffic to tranquil

in less than two hundred miles.

another trip to the hometown proved to be just the relaxation i needed. after the two hour drive that took four and a half, that is.

photo: j. kurtz