you are what you eat

and i am slowly but surely turning in to this mess. i wouldn't be surprised if my daily caloric intake topped off somewhere around 3,000. no joke. i am lazy and i am lackadaisical when it comes to my diet (and exercise routine for that matter) and i am ready to make a change. i think.

three things have brought me to this point,

1. the oprah goes vegan episode.
2. the recent influx of shows, reports, statistics and articles that i have heard about/ happened upon.
3. the oprah talks to past super models episode.

i want to be healthy, i want to be humane and i want to look as flippin' AWESOME as kristy brinkley does when i'm her age.

three paths to (potentially) accomplish my goals,

1. start with "meatless mondays" and gradually increase the number of vegan meals i consume.
2. watch this, buy here and read up.
3. eat more veggies, drink less coke and try on my bathing suit in front of a mirror more often.

anyone care to join me?

photo: anchor bar