dark side of the who?

do yourself a favor and ask someone from a generation other than your own who their favorite band is. i tried this the other day with my dad and his response almost had me rolling on the floor laughing.

me: "dad, who's your favorite band?"
ken: "oh, i don't know, i'm too old to know anything about music anymore. i just listen to those stations on tv."
me: "dad, i mean like your ALL TIME favorite."
ken: "oh, well then i'd have to say the doors. who's yours?"
me: "pink floyd."
ken: "WHAT?! oh man, no you can have that garbage. i was never in to kiss and pink floyd and hard rock bands like them."
me: (laughter) "kiss? same genre as pink floyd?! that genre being hard rock? dad, the dark side of the moon."
ken: "oh right, yeah, i did like them a lot i guess. jesus, i'm old."