27 dresses

well, actually, it's more like eight but that doesn't include the flower girl, junior bridesmaid or wedding party dresses. i have been a bridesmaid six times, a maid of honor twice and carried flowers, recited verses and helped out at countless other weddings.

unlike other (very disappointing, aforementioned) movies of this genre, the new judd apatow flick, bridesmaids, looks totally and completely hilarious. i unwrapped all my little gems after seeing the preview  just to remember all of the good/ stressful/ crazy/ fun/ memorable/ touching/ perfect moments that i have been lucky enough to share with my family and friends on their big days over the years.

and just to be clear, in case there is any confusion about the proximity of this post to valentine's day, i am perfectly content with always being the bridesmaid. i'm here for ya, ladies :)

photo: j. kurtz