three of my favorite artists, theo altenberg, francoise nielly and miranda skoczek. i love the dichotomy between the saturated color and darkness so much i can't even stand it. it makes my heart feel like it's going to burst out of my chest while my brain is lost in a thunderstorm.

i tried to think of something less pretentious to write there but it just made sense, you know?

creating artwork savings plan now.


i love that scene

the one in ferris bueller's day off when they're at the museum and cameron is staring at a seurat painting and it just keeps getting closer and closer and closer and this song is playing. one of my faves. 

when was the last time someone ditched school and went to check out historic works of art anyway?


emersonmade-in heaven

the second i saw these jeans from emersonmade i was in love. i ordered them approximately three seconds after i finished swooning over the entire collection. 

and let me tell you something, ladies, if you need an extra boost of self confidence PUT THEM ON YOUR BODY NOW. i'm no emerson but i wore them to work and before i even had a chance to put my coffee down my blessed co-workers were showering me with compliments. i'd be wearing them right now if they weren't at the dry cleaners (i am taking no chances with these puppies).

next up, the kimchi pant


now and then

these photographs are by two different artists. maybe they know each other, maybe they don't but it's pretty cool that they came together somehow here. makes me wonder how many other identical photos taken at the same place but different times exist out there.

i discovered two of my own, my cousin, grace, at the lincoln memorial reflecting pool in 1996 and me this past fall.


lady-like charm

let me tell you how excited i am for march 12th to hurry up and get here, extremely; because that's when i'll finally be able to get my hands on my favorite pieces from my friend kendall's premiere collection. she's having a trunk show at a cute little boutique in carlsbad. be there or be square, my friends. champagne included.

favorite pieces, what am i saying, i love them all! but i am partial to the 'jenika' :)


holy sh*t!

spotted this on cococozy, where the concrete tiles were featured which, i agree, are super cool but look at those black stairs! black and white has never looked so stunning! well, i'm sure it has but not that i've seen for, say, two weeks at least.

why are people so afraid to paint wood? i'll give you "original to the house weathered oak" but this looks a billion times better than "installed in 1986 honey oak" ever does.


you are what you eat

and i am slowly but surely turning in to this mess. i wouldn't be surprised if my daily caloric intake topped off somewhere around 3,000. no joke. i am lazy and i am lackadaisical when it comes to my diet (and exercise routine for that matter) and i am ready to make a change. i think.

three things have brought me to this point,

1. the oprah goes vegan episode.
2. the recent influx of shows, reports, statistics and articles that i have heard about/ happened upon.
3. the oprah talks to past super models episode.

i want to be healthy, i want to be humane and i want to look as flippin' AWESOME as kristy brinkley does when i'm her age.

three paths to (potentially) accomplish my goals,

1. start with "meatless mondays" and gradually increase the number of vegan meals i consume.
2. watch this, buy here and read up.
3. eat more veggies, drink less coke and try on my bathing suit in front of a mirror more often.

anyone care to join me?

photo: anchor bar


wednesday is indigo blue

holy moly! until yesterday i had no idea that this word, or condition, even existed and now i am totally and completely enthralled! synesthesia, "the production of a sense impression relating to one sense or part of the body by stimulation of another sense or part of the body." 

i have always associated words and numbers with colors and until now thought that's what everyone does. guess not. i can't wait to read more. more=burnt orange.

take this (informal) test and see what you see.


27 dresses

well, actually, it's more like eight but that doesn't include the flower girl, junior bridesmaid or wedding party dresses. i have been a bridesmaid six times, a maid of honor twice and carried flowers, recited verses and helped out at countless other weddings.

unlike other (very disappointing, aforementioned) movies of this genre, the new judd apatow flick, bridesmaids, looks totally and completely hilarious. i unwrapped all my little gems after seeing the preview  just to remember all of the good/ stressful/ crazy/ fun/ memorable/ touching/ perfect moments that i have been lucky enough to share with my family and friends on their big days over the years.

and just to be clear, in case there is any confusion about the proximity of this post to valentine's day, i am perfectly content with always being the bridesmaid. i'm here for ya, ladies :)

photo: j. kurtz



in honor of today, i present you with two lovely rooms in shades of delight.

check out that gold pillow, i bet you thought i was crazy when i mentioned it before, didn't you?


photos: decor pad


missed connections

my brilliantly inspiring co-worker suggested to our neighbors that they offer up one of the blank walls in their cafe as a billboard for lost connections this valentine's day. for the past week, people have been writing clandestine messages to their secret crushes in hopes (or not) that they'll be brought together. sweet. 

i know he'll never see it but i wrote one to my guy, because he's the one i've got my eye on. and always will. heart.

photo: j. kurtz


a very important date

in celebration of its 60th anniversary this year, i think i'll be relaxing at home tomorrow night watching alice in wonderland. it's been much too long.

photo: i forget


console me

i've had my sofa sitting in, what seems to everyone else to be, the middle of the living room since we moved in; just waiting for the perfect console table. however, as you are well aware, i'm a little low on "interior furnishings" funds at the moment so i finally decided this past weekend, "hell, i'll just make one" and it actually turned out ok.

175 bucks for lumber, screws, nails, primer, paint, LAMPS and a couple of bouquets for the house to boot! now, perhaps my dad will stop conspiring against me and moving the sofa up against the wall every time he and my mom come to visit.

photo: j. kurtz



is it just me or do find yourself searching for the "like" button in applications other than facebook? i feel like i need to go into a twelve step program or something.


modern windsor

c'mon, how am i supposed to see this and then not have dreams about owning my own pair for weeks thereafterwest elm is pretty awesome and i just realized it a little bit more after taking a peek at their latest catalog. i know the mailers are a huge waste of paper but there is such a difference between the print and the digital photos. 

also worth mentioning, the pure white ceramic vase collection and the neobaroque dinnerware, it's soooo lovely.



ahhh, this is beyond amusing. if i didn't already have something hung above my mini bar this print would have been ordered yesterday.

..but wasn't hemingway the one who coined this phrase?



my favorite midwestern town is having a big week! the anchor bar had a spot on the food network's diners, drive-ins and dives and lake superior woolens got a shout out over at hall ready. well, that was it really but that's a lot for a town with a population less than 30,000. 

but wait, even though green bay is a couple hundred miles away i think the super bowl should count too. after all, the pack holds the hearts of all superiorites so here's to a big win on sunday. love you, soup town. i'll see ya in july ;)

photo: j. kurtz


la times

i really love some of these shots of the southland taken by la times readers and posted daily. there is definitely a vibe to this place, nothing like it.

photo: staria



is ombre over? because i am seriously considering going this route. it's the perfect solution to my "i want blonde hair again but there is no way in hell i'm dealing with roots" conundrum. i've been tearing out photos for months now and i think this is the answer. this quiz even solidified my decision.

now, i just need to find a colorist that can meet my impossibly high standards. please tell me you know of one.

photo: harper's bazaar


dark side of the who?

do yourself a favor and ask someone from a generation other than your own who their favorite band is. i tried this the other day with my dad and his response almost had me rolling on the floor laughing.

me: "dad, who's your favorite band?"
ken: "oh, i don't know, i'm too old to know anything about music anymore. i just listen to those stations on tv."
me: "dad, i mean like your ALL TIME favorite."
ken: "oh, well then i'd have to say the doors. who's yours?"
me: "pink floyd."
ken: "WHAT?! oh man, no you can have that garbage. i was never in to kiss and pink floyd and hard rock bands like them."
me: (laughter) "kiss? same genre as pink floyd?! that genre being hard rock? dad, the dark side of the moon."
ken: "oh right, yeah, i did like them a lot i guess. jesus, i'm old."