extra, extra!

here's your bonus post for the day, i recently had the pleasure of collaborating with my good friends over at apartment therapy again. i shared a very simple and fun how to. take a look and try a project of your own, then let me know how it goes :)

thanks again AT!

fiddle leaf fig

once i get my hands on that sofa i've been pining away for the finishing touch to the perfect living room will be one of these little babies. like adding jewelry to the perfect ensemble.

until then, and i'm going to let you in on a secret here, i currently have a faux palm tree saving the spot. oh god i know it's wrong but it's from my college days and i just can't throw it away! plus the cats like to sharpen their claws on it from time to time.

photos: tim clark, jonathan adler, themarionhousebook



i made one of the easiest and surprisingly delicious meals tuesday! healthy too! so good, in fact, that i made it again wednesday night.

i'm not big on cooking so if a recipe has more than five steps or requires more than five ingredients, i'm out. none of this "chinese rice wine" or "fennel root" business. i happened upon this begrudgingly. my boyfriend hurt his back so it was my turn in the kitchen, and that's not my place to shine. so i googled how long it takes to bake chicken, slapped some bbq sauce over the top and steamed some veggies on the side. delish!

how to:
-coat chicken breasts with your favorite bbq sauce and bake at 375 for 35 minutes
-five minutes before the chicken is ready, throw some veggies in a pot with 1/2 cup of water, cover and steam

photo: j. kurtz



this trying to get posts on my facebook page thing is really proving to be more than i can handle after a VERY long week at work...

marcel the shell

this is fantastically precious.


at the copa, i mean, boca

good god, yesterday was a doozie! between desperate phone calls and explanatory emails i found myself sitting at my desk clicking through the calendar one week at a time searching for the next holiday i can take off to relax. then, just for kicks, i hopped over to lose myself in the digital paradise of my new favorite "one day" hotel. 

hmmm, my birthday is coming up, anyone up for risking a possible kidnapping or decapitation in the name of some fun in the sun?


this town

it may take me 40 minutes to drive 5.6 miles home at night but at least i get to do it with the windows down, and songs like this to keep me company.

sorry about that weather of yours, rest of the country ;)


where it goes

i don't know if it's because they were one of oprah's favorite things or because the name of each corresponds to the room it's intended for but i'm mad for these LAFCO candles! we used a bunch at a client's house recently and they really are fantastic. the "dining room" is my fave.

i want to buy them all, even if i don't have a boudoir...at the moment.


time is running out

for more than a year now i've been lusting after, dreaming about this sofa from mitchell gold + bob williams and it's now on sale. very much on sale. like almost half off on sale and the sale ends on the 30th. i have 8 days to figure out a payment plan or poof! my dream sofa is out of my grasp forever, or at least until my salary doubles. 

it's the key ingredient to my fantasy living room that has been existing in my imagination all these months. i can see it now, sitting on my seagrass rug (natural), complimented by the black and white striped curtains in the windows (chic) and those peekaboo coffee and console tables (modern) from CB2 i might some day get my hands on. peppered with pops of complimentary color from most strategically placed throw pillows (fun) and highlighted by those perfect vintage lamps (interesting) i have yet to find. 

like if you took these three rooms, shook them up and rolled them on to the floor like perfectly transformed dice...

i must have it. do they still pay people to donate blood?

photos: diane bergeron, nick olsen, livingetc.


skin is in

whew, ms. jones was stunning this year at the golden globes, stunning; and that beautiful skin of hers stole the show! in fact, this dewy complexion has inspired me to fit in my daily recommended eight glasses of water and perhaps, perhaps, reconsider my usual diet of fast food and junk that would rival that of a 19 year old pot head. thanks january!

photo via zimbio


dead in the water

literally, definitely not figuratively. things have been so crazy lately that i have failed to realize that the flowers i placed on my coffee table more than a week ago are dead, sitting in yellow water. as i was painting my laundry room floor my boyfriend called to me, "um, your flower water is looking pretty gross over here." i came in to see and just started laughing. i finished and sat down and here, on the couch, i plan to stay for the rest of this sunday.

enjoy the rest of the weekend, my friends, and remember to take time to change the water every once in a while :)

photo: j. kurtz


play time

there's just something about the way a record sounds. even better when it's sitting on a milk crate, i think.

photo: j. kurtz


what'd you say?

yes, she's here, eating cookies and talking about enya. -matt


political i.q.

wow. take this and learn a lot about yourself, your fellow american and politics in general.


making progress

even though these lap tops are the only accessories placed so far they did wonders today a) cataloging about a hundred others and b) searching desperately for more from local vendors.

we're getting there.

photo: j. kurtz


time flies

busy, busy at work this week installing a project four years in the making. i've been personally working on it for two and i can't believe the end is near. you plan and coordinate and draw and source and measure and inspect day in and day out and then BAM! it's over in a flash. 

photo: j. kurtz


yes, please.

i heard this in the car on my way to san diego last week. although it was pouring rain and windy, i turned it up to the point of possible detrimental distraction because, well, i just couldn't help myself.


j. kurtz apothecary

i decided to go organic this year for christmas, i gave everyone homemade body scrub. it was actually easier than it sounds and i'm pretty sure it was a success, that is, if the positive reviews were actual and not fabricated to spare my feelings.  

simple ingredients:
glass jars
epsom salt
carrier oil
essentil oil

simple steps:
mix two parts salt with one part oil and add essential to taste, or in this case, to smell.



everyone else can begin their 2011 blog posts by going on and on about their new year resolutions and what they're looking forward to but i just want to stare at this until the phone rings or i have to answer another email. ooo, it gives me the chills!!

you can find this along with several other striking pieces at tracyshumate.com.