ok, i admit it

i recently realized that i have a problem. i am obsessed with shelter magazines. i buy them and then save them, with the intention of reading them when i "can sit down and concentrate", and then that moment never seems to come. now that saving has turned into borderline hoarding. i have piles and piles like this all around the house. magazine atop magazine just waiting to be read.

then tonight i saw this and almost had a heart attack. i have purposely kept myself from reading lonny all these months because i feel it deserves my utmost attention and, for whatever reason, that is even more difficult to devote when it involves turning on my computer away from work. and now it's available in print form?!! my god, it's like the holy grail; written, photographed and evenly distributed between the covers of seven very good looking books.

perhaps i'll buy them (right), add them to my piles and be comforted by the fact that should i ever break both my legs and become bed ridden i will be totally and completely content.

ps. don't even get me started on the amount of links i send myself via email and never get back to. 

photo: j. kurtz