i have a theory

the world can be divided into two groups: those who eat fish sticks, and those who do not.


yay or nay?

reading material in the bathroom. i've made a compromise in my own home in that the number of articles will be limited to one but i still feel very adamantly about it not being visible when guests come. in fact, it really creeps me out to know that places like pottery barn are selling racks specifically for this purpose. i don't know, i feel like we don't need to draw attention to the amount of time spent in there.

am i being ridiculous?

photo: j. kurtz


to you, my sweethearts

my emotional response to this song is overwhelming. perhaps it's because memories of la bamba come flooding back each time i hear it or perhaps it's the story my mom told me about my dad playing it for her when they were teenagers. or, just maybe, it's because it's one of the best songs ever performed.



speaking of...

...miles redd and all his genius. look at that detail on the door from the image posted yesterday. is that faux recessed paneling?! omg. i'll tell ya, i am NOT a fan of faux paneling on walls but this, this is fantastic.

there's a funky way to save a couple hundred, folks.


a la mr. redd

for a long while now i've been contemplating painting some of my walls with a high lacquer finish. beautifully, albeit boldly, illustrated here in a room by miles redd

no reason i couldn't, i guess.


clear conscience

it's too late this year but next year i'm definitely ordering a certified humane turkey from ayrshire farm for thanksgiving dinner. like i've said before, i'm not promoting a vegetarian diet, just a responsible one.

ps. i know the photo is of chickens and not turkeys but in the spirit of being organic i figured i'd stick with a home grown image :)


dumb kid designs

i've always been jealous of my cousin, sue's, gorgeous red hair but now that has been replaced, by her clever creations! she makes the cutest wallets out of recycled paper products; maps, comics, beer labels. how genius? perfect for christmas.


still the same

in high school my friend, kendall, and i used to take trips up and down the freeway when we were bored. we'd roll down the windows and blast our favorite songs. this was one of them. to this day, every time i hear bob i think of her and smile remembering the times we spent just hanging out, and singing at the top of our lungs.



when i was a kid i LIVED for shel silverstein's, 'where the sidewalk ends'. i mean, seriously, i would read it ten times a day. somehow, however,  'the giving tree' never made its way onto my bookshelf. i recently took a gander and my GOD, it brought tears to my eyes! how did this man do it? how did he, at the same time, capture the attention of five year olds and speak so profoundly to adults? no answer needed, i'm thankful for his words just the same.

if its been a while, i urge you, revisit.


the american everyday cookbook

my aunt gave me this cookbook, circa 1955, the last time i visited wisconsin. not only is there every recipe you could every imagine for every course but "special menus" to boot, including this one for children. never met a 6-12 year old who didn't like chicken and cheese sandwiches in "fancy shapes", have you?


something special

finally, after a year in my new house, i hung my first piece of artwork. a friend of mine secretly took this shot during our remodel and gave it to me as a gift at our housewarming. i don't know how she knew but the clothes line was one of the things that made me fall in love with the place, made me dream of a sunny afternoon doing laundry with the sounds of the neighborhood and the smell of fresh cut grass surrounding me.

capturing that intimacy and humanness of a moment is one of the things i most admire in her work. i haven't decided which piece i will select next but believe me, i'm a lookin'. her "on the road" collection of photographs is really something special.



my s.o. and i are starting P90X again this week. took our measurements and we've made a wager with a couple friends as incentive to really keep it going this time. let's hope it works.


lest we forget

the misfits. i need to remember to pull their albums up from the reserves more often. that voice!


quintessential woman

my mommy :) if only the lessons you have taught me could be shared with every girl. you made me who i am. i thank you for my brains, i thank you for my beauty, i thank you for my confidence and i thank you for your love. cheers to all of the hard working women out there.


sweet reminder


spruced up

Whenever someone sends me flowers i like to make them last as long as i can. what's better than a pretty reminder of someone thinking of you, right?

Pro tip: certain blooms will die off more quickly than others so just toss the dead ones and rearrange the living to get the most out of each bouquet.


heaven on a half shell

every sunday we have a football extravaganza, complete with the best outdoor food you've ever tasted. bbq'd carne asdada, smoked bacon-wrapped pork loin, deep fried turkey, s'mores and more. it rotates every week. today our friend, balonee, brought over these little devils, a power packed combo of ceviche, shrimp and oyster all on one shell. there really are no words to express the deliciousness. i wish i could share the source, but he's not willing to give up the secret so you'll just have to stop by :)



i don't know what i am infatuated with more, emerson herself or her clothing line!! buying. now.


team coco

i thought i loved conan o'brien before but after watching the first episode of his new show on tbs i am over the moon! he plays the guitar?!! wheww! if it wasn't so weird i'd take my mom's advice from 15 years ago and tell him i'd like to marry him. 

so happy to see some intellectual humor back on the late night circuit.


veteran's day

thank you not only to all those who serve to protect our country and its citizens but to their families who have to make due without them while they're gone. specifically, the blues.

my close friend, dana, gave birth to her first child just six weeks ago and her husband jesse was deployed shortly thereafter. did they cry and say it wasn't fair, no. does dana complain about maintaining the household and performing all the duties necessary to tend to an infant all on her own, no. the respect and gratitude i have for you, jesse and dana, and all veterans, runs deeper than you will ever know.

thank you, again, to you all.


'the practical encyclopedia of good decorating'

i have a set of decorating encyclopedias that i found in my grandmother's attic a couple of years ago on my bookshelf that i flip through from time to time, copyright 1970. hilarious, to say the least. although, upon posting this photo i realized that i recently had a hand in designing a room with a sofa fabric not unlike the one shown here. the only difference was the color, and it looks good!



don't know what this word means? neither did i, and chances are generations to come won't either. apparently, hundreds of words are dropped from the english language each year. who knew? good news though, you can help save them by adopting one from save the words. phew!


40º 53' 54.5"N, 73º 54' 45.3"W

have you ever found that the title or story behind of a piece of artwork makes you appreciate it that much more? such is the case with this andrew millner collection for me, each title is the exact geographical place the subject is located somewhere on earth. i just looked my favorite up on a map, so cool.



i got to check out this abandoned house across the street from my aunt's last week while staying in winchendon, mass. originally built some time in the 1800's as a residence, and most recently serving as a convalescent home, this structure is creepy to say the least. however, totally and completely fascinating at the same time. 


east vs. west

recently returned from a week long vacation on the east coast and i've been yearning for the cool, crisp days ever since i got back. until today. while driving along with this view out my rolled down window i realized we have it pretty darn good here. 85 beautifully sunny degrees on a november day? can't really ask for more than that. perhaps i'll go bi-coastal.