my 92-year-old grandmother recently suffered a stroke. less of a shock than her heart attack one week before her 90th birthday, from which she recovered marvelously, but a little more painful. i haven't spoken to her yet and i don't know if i can because the report is that she doesn't remember things anymore. she didn't remember my dad when he called last weekend, after doing so every sunday for the past i don't know how many years. i'm scared that if i call she won't answer my, "hi, gramma kurtz" with her usual, "well hello, jenika kurtz."

i guess that makes me a coward. i should call her. i should call her and tell her all of things i love about her and all the reasons why i couldn't ask for a better grandma, even if she doesn't know who i am, because one day i won't be able to call her anymore.