my 92-year-old grandmother recently suffered a stroke. less of a shock than her heart attack one week before her 90th birthday, from which she recovered marvelously, but a little more painful. i haven't spoken to her yet and i don't know if i can because the report is that she doesn't remember things anymore. she didn't remember my dad when he called last weekend, after doing so every sunday for the past i don't know how many years. i'm scared that if i call she won't answer my, "hi, gramma kurtz" with her usual, "well hello, jenika kurtz."

i guess that makes me a coward. i should call her. i should call her and tell her all of things i love about her and all the reasons why i couldn't ask for a better grandma, even if she doesn't know who i am, because one day i won't be able to call her anymore.


cheese and burger

i've been singing the praises of wisconsin cheese ever since i left my birth state 25 years ago. there is truly nothing that compares and this dream of a website pays homage to that, with one mouth watering cheeseburger recipe after another. looks like i'll be loading up my suitcase with a little more than usual next trip.


"if you"

discovered this christopher wool piece at a client's house last week and became instantly infatuated. upon sharing my enthusiasm with a couple friends, and my mother, the age old question arose, "what makes art art?" 


kendall k.

got a backstage pass to a fashion show my best friend showed her line at yesterday evening, thrilling. not only does the sophisticated feminine collection leave me riddled with anticipation to get my hands on, her drive and ambition that was necessary to make this dream of hers a reality truly inspires. here's to great success, kendall k.