and now, to conclude the practice exercises from my photoshop class, the pièce de résistance... i know how to make a freakin' GIF, you guys!

here's me and my adorable dad on my wedding day (obviously).

photos: EPlove



as you know, i am now a total and complete photoshop genius. just kidding. i am, however, still very inspired after having attended blogshop a couple weekends ago. one of the things we learned was how to create mood boards, like the one above. i thought it was an excellent tool that can be used to help inspire and create new colorways for textiles and interiors. 

the first example i've chosen is pretty obvious but it could be really cool to create a palette for, say, a kitchen from an image of a blood orange margarita, right?!



sooooooooo, guys, i took a photoshop workshop last weekend and it. blew. my. mind. i was so scared before i went because i am constantly wracked with self doubt and thought i would be the one who couldn't follow along and wouldn't know what she was doing but, surprise! i actually got the hang of it and learned a sh*t ton of cool techniques that i have already used at work.

the two tools that literally made my jaw drop were liquify and the clone stamp. good lord! say goodbye to ever comparing myself to anyone i see on the cover of a magazine again! i mean, i know i shouldn't be doing that anyway, i'm the one who gives the "you shouldn't compare yourself to others" speech whenever i hear someone singing that tune, but hey, we're all susceptible from time to time. anyway, the second i started playing around with this i thought, "oh my god, i just learned how to do this two seconds ago and i'm making changes to my face that look real. imagine what professionals who work for glamour and marie claire do to the models and actresses we see everyday!!"

honestly, i turned to my friend who attended the workshop with me and told her that this should be a class that's taught in middle school. take the power back! don't let someone tell you how you should look. don't let someone fool you into thinking that something that is NOT REAL is real. i don't want to get all political here but man, this would have really changed my life had i known about it when i was a teenager. sure, you see the memes of 'before and after photoshop' comparisons like this floating around online but when you're the one doing the manipulating it really offers a whole new perspective.

i just have to say thanks to my boss for sending me and thanks to the super talented women who taught me all of this. it sounds trite but my life has changed just a little bit and, in this respect, that is pretty god damn big.

photos: angela kohler



one room, two photographers.

which would you rather live in?

photo 1 photo 2



this. macrame. i just don't know how i feel about it. is it cool or is it not? is it ironic or is it stupid? is it just too 70s to be taken seriously or can we be cool with it on a serious level now? i just don't know.
am i too self aware? am i too worried about what everyone else thinks or perceives? i feel a little uninspired lately. maybe i'm just jealous of designers who have the balls to propose macrame and the clients who trust them enough to say yes.

man, tough way to start the year. someone just tell me that i can paint their god damn kitchen cabinets magenta already.


summer time

you know what heaven is? it's the sunlight through the leaves, it's your cousin's child crawling into your lap in front of a fire, it's your great aunt playing a polka for you on her organ from the 60s, it's exploring an abandoned party spot that your parents used to hang at on summer nights when they were young, it's introducing your west coast friends to your mid-west roots.

you've heard it from me before and if this time is one too many, well, then you'll just have to forgive me but i can't resist the urge to share the magic that the great state of wisconsin is to me. the buzz starts from the minute i board the plane and builds until the great explosion of smells and humidity and memories and joy release themselves the minute i walk out of the airport once i land.

i even love those pesky mosquitoes; because, whether or not their venomous bites land me in the emergency room, that persistent itch that i carry back with me is just a reminder of alllllll the fun i got in return. a reminder of the fireworks i watched from the banks of lake nebagamon or the waterfalls i got dangerously close to (in my dad's opinion) with my niece and nephew at goosberry falls.

we moved when i was five but thanks to my thoughtful parents the bond with my family was never broken. they shipped me back once a year, during those precious few weeks of summer. i'd cry and wail every time i got home, and i still can't make the trip home without a tear or two, but the promise of next year always re-ignites that spark of excitement. in the mean time, i have those 1,190 photos and 86 videos to keep me going.

photos: j. kurtz


el batey

i almost have no words for this place. i don't even know where to start.

my boyfriend and i discovered this bar in old san juan, on a night we were trying to keep ourselves awake to beat jetlag and the restaurant in our hotel was closed. as soon as we walked in i was in heaven. it was like we were on the set of the coolest f*cking movie ever made. like, if this design were a recipe it would be one of those that only has a handful of ingredients but it's the best thing you've ever tasted. unintentional and effortless, oozing history and experience.

when we arrived there were only four other people, one of them an old man who would make his way behind the bar from time to time to turn the music up when his song came on the juke box and three others who just smoked their cigarettes to the butt and asked the bartender to hold their spot when they got up to go to the bathroom. a couple tourists fell inside, realized this wasn't the "senor frogs" they were looking for, and left.

we only stayed for a bit but it was the best.

oh, and this was playing.

photos: j. kurtz